Ivan Blanco Art

Wild Child


She seemed to connect with the strange animals that wandered the forest more than the people in her own village. Everyday, she would make her way to the woods and on cue, these animals would gather around her. They would spend the day wandering aimlessly till the sky turned dark.


He, much like his sister, loved the forest and all of its oddities. He would run around, play, and make new friends with every creature he saw. They always felt at home with him since he was just as strange and just as odd as they were. Together they would scream, roar, bellow, and sing from dusk till dawn.

The youngest of the siblings was the wildest of them all. He acted like other wild animals, but never seemed to get along with any of them. He would always pick fights with creatures twice his size and never took no or a loud roar for an answer. From the moment the sun would rise till the moon took its place, this little one always caused a ruckus in the forest.