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Way Up High

Way Up High


These are the characters for a children's book idea titled "Way Up High" that I wrote.  My friend Daniel Davis and I collaborated to conceptualize, draw, and color these characters. You can find more of his work here: www.danielkeithdavis.com


Star is the protagonist of the story. She is small, curious, and optimistic. She believes she is capable of great things no matter what the other kids have to say. Many say she's too weak, too short, and too scared to do anything, but she dreams of going way up high and bringing home a jar of stars to prove that no matter who you are, you are capable of so much more.




Biggums a big, sporty, and intimidating mama's boy. He acts tough on the outside, but inside he's a softy. He believes that his size and his strength are what will make him rise above the rest.

Long Boy

Long Boy is all legs and personality. He is the kid that always teases others and uses his length to his advantage. He believes that his height makes him far more capable of doing bigger things than the rest.


The Twins

People never see the Twins by themselves. They're inseparable and quite odd. They never talk and love people watching. They don't say much, but they believe that together, they are more capable of reaching for the stars than the rest.