Ivan Blanco Art


bill smythe.png

Bill Smythes

Meet Bill Smythes, the first member of the trio of pirates. He originally came from a circus in Arabia, but felt that it was too safe and boring. He decided that at the age of 12 that the pirate’s life was for him. Unsatisfied with all the other pirate groups, he decided to start his own. 

He is a man that never smiles or speaks to other people, not only to look tough, but because his love for cake and hate for anything healthy has given him a life of no teeth. However, if you ever want to talk to Bill, you’ll have to go through his trusty talkative parrot Mully. Mully also likes cake.

Captain Frank Synes

Meet Captain Frank Synes. He’s a handful. Literally. The average pirate could probably hold him in their two hands. Despite his size, he’s the leader of this group. Wild, short-tempered, and passionate, he is the perfect captain for the trio. With his pet rat and his trusty cannon, he leads this group of pirates to wreak havoc in the seven seas. 

Frank and Bill met in a failed attempt to steal Bill’s satchel of candy. Instead of tossing him in the ocean, Bill noticed Frank’s wit and potential and decided that he would be a great leader-to-be in this new crew of pirates. Frank proved his worth and has now become the group’s tiny fearless captain.



Meet Mort, the last member of trio. We don’t know much about him except that he doesn’t talk much and kind of smells. Also, he’s missing a couple of things like an ear, an eye, a hand, and a foot. To be honest, no one is real sure if he’s still alive or not. Regardless, his curiosity to explore and discover new things makes up for all his missing pieces. 

Mort joined the crew when Bill and Frank fished him out of the ocean. He didn’t say what he was doing down there or for how long he was in the ocean for or even any actual words, but he’s grateful to be in dry land.